About Us

We are dedicated to raising awareness and funding organizations that are fighting the war on poaching.  It’s important to remember that our enemies and the enemies of the organizations we support are engaged in the smuggling of not just rhino horns and elephant tusks, but drugs, human trafficking, guns, weapons of mass destruction and any other illegal industry that is profitable at the expense of another and considered contraband by the nations of our world.  To learn more about the international trade industry we are fighting there is a very good report composed for the United Nations by The Global Initiative Against Transnational Organized Crime.  Their investigative report can be found here at SaveRuby.Org

We currently donate 10% of all sales to The Save The Rhinos Foundation & The Black Mamba Association of Africa.  To learn more about these unbelievable organizations and the sacrifices they make for the good of the world we live in, visit SaveRuby.Org

From Our Founder:

Ruby Rhino was created July 2016 as part of a school project during my sophomore year in  high school at the Atlanta International School in Atlanta, GA.  The criteria for this project was to have an impact on the community.  Being that I am of South African heritage I decided to focus on the diminishing rhino population in Africa.  I have always had a passion for animals and as I began to investigate the pressing issues that the Rhinos face in Africa, I realized that this project was much more important than just a grade.

The poaching of rhinos and other endangered species is part of a much larger syndicate that operates at the expense of the innocent and helpless in our world.  My goal is to raise awareness to the conservation of the Rhinos as well as donating funds to the Save The Rhino Foundation.